NorthStar Adventure

NorthStar Adventure at Dutch SpringsDeveloping Tomorrow’s Leaders Through Facilitated, Experiential Team Development For Teens And Young Adults

  • Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Peer Pressure
  • Emotional Insecurity
  • Concern About The Future

All we have to do is read the headlines or watch the news to see the 21st Century obstacles facing our youngsters and teens as they try to make their way in a rapidly changing and often confusing world. NorthStar Adventure is here to help.

Our facilitated, experiential team development programs help teens and young adults become confident leaders and successful adults through a variety of fun, challenging activities designed to build self-esteem and bring out natural leadership skills that encourage our participants to realize that they, themselves, hold the key to their future success in their ability to work with others to achieve a common goal for the benefit of all.