Sports Teams

NorthStar Adventure at Dutch Springs creates cohesive teams through our specialized process of Experiential Team Building. After completing a session at NorthStar, your team is thinking, working and playing as a single unit, not as individuals. Our sports team program is the perfect start to a season as well as a positive conclusion to a successful season.

Programs run from a half day to full-day and our facilitators can also come to your practices at your school to become part of the important practice program during your season.

Activities are crafted to meet your teamwork goals but can include:

Team 101

Team 101 is a great introductory program for students who have potential to work with others, but have not yet realized it. This program focuses on the aspects of all-around teamwork and can be amended to meet the needs, ages and physical abilities of each group.

Sun Down/Sun Up

In “SDSU” the program packages any of our programs and camping or Sky Splash and camping in one convenient and cost-effective package.

Sky Splash

Sky Splash combines a half-day of hands-on learning with our custom team-development program and the enjoyment of swimming and other water-based activities at Dutch Springs Aqua Park. We also offer a lunch package for all participants, making this a complete day that provides a hassle-free day for group leaders and activity organizers who can count on our team to deliver a worry-free outing for your group or organization.

Climb High

This is a high-adventure activity that instills confidence and self-esteem as participants learn how to belay others and be belayed as they rappel our 17- or 35-feet climbing wall. In this program we focus more of your time and energy on high adventure fun. This activity can also be combined with our more traditional, low-course elements for a more complete learning experience.


This sports-oriented program is designed for each group based on the specific sport the participants play. From lacrosse to basketball to field hockey to swimming, we provide a focused activity that uses the terminology and activities of each individual sport with an eye to improving teamwork. But the real score is the activity debriefing, where we help your team members transfer their new-found skills right back to the field, court or pool.