Universities & Colleges

College and University programs at NorthStar Adventure at Dutch Springs are geared towards the changing maturity and the young adult population. We can customize programs for all college/university clubs, organizations and even fraternities and sororities. Groups who can benefit from a session of custom goal oriented team-building include but are not limited to:

  • Resident Assistant programs
  • Fraternities
  • Sororities
  • Academic Clubs
  • Social Clubs
  • Post Graduates
  • Incoming Freshman Orientation Programs
  • And many, many more!

Our activities include:

Team 101

Team 101 is a great introductory program for students who have potential to work with others, but haven’t realized it yet. This program focuses on all aspects of great teamwork and can be altered the program according to the needs, age and physical abilities of each group.

Sun Down/Sun Up

Now you can combine any of our activity programs or our Sky Splash program with camping for a convenient and cost-effective package that makes the most of your group’s togetherness.

Sky Splash

Ideal for those warm summer days, Sky Splash combines a half-day of hands-on learning with our custom team development program and the refreshing water of Dutch Springs. We can also provide lunch for a “one-stop-shop” package that eliminates the worry for trip planners by combining education, recreation and a midday meal  included in one convenient package.

Climb High

This high-adventure program applies your team’s youthful energy to confidence-building team development skills that include learning how to belay individually and in a group and rappelling from heights of up to 35 feet. The program can focus entirely around the high element course or it can be combined with several of our other programs for maximum enjoyment and success.

Res Life

Res Life is a program already designed for the orientation of new RA’s and for seasoned veterans alike. This program addresses the hectic, stressful and fun responsibility of being an RA in today’s universities and colleges. Our program will gear RA’s with the necessary tools and confidence needed to perform their job to their fullest potential.


Initiation is an exciting and adventurous program that is perfect for sororities and fraternities because it eliminates the negative aspects of  hazing and replaces them with the team-building strengths that come when we combine our traditional ground-based activities with the excitement of working together 34-feet off the ground.

Break Through

Communication is critical to every aspect of our daily lives — at school, at work and in our personal interactions. break Through helps your brothers and sisters learn the skills needed to communicate effectively through a facilitated program that focuses on the process of communication for maximum benefit to all.

Competition Leadership

Focusing on the need to develop the skills that lend themselves to problem-solving, trust and leadership, this program adds an element of competition by splitting participants into teams that must find new ways to work together as they compete with other teams to make their way through a series of obstacles before they can advance onto the next challenge. This program is limited to 20 people within an organization (5 people per team, 4 teams.)