NorthStar Adventure at Dutch Springs offers a wide variety of team-building, leadership and bullying prevention programs for youngsters of all ages. Our experiential programs are typically provided in a natural outdoor setting with a learning environment designed for maximum enjoyment and skill retention. We also provide programs at schools, scout meetings, sports facilities, churches and we can bring our program to a location of your choice.

Team 101

Team 101 is a great introductory program for students who have potential to work with others, but haven’t realized it yet. This program focuses on all aspects of great teamwork and can be altered the program according to the needs, age and physical abilities of each group.

Sun Down/Sun Up

Now you can combine any of our activity programs or our Sky Splash program with camping for a convenient and cost-effective package that makes the most of your group’s togetherness.

Sky Splash

Ideal for those warm summer days, Sky Splash combines a half-day of hands-on learning with our custom team development program and the refreshing water of Dutch Springs. We can also provide lunch for a “one-stop-shop” package that eliminates the worry for trip planners by combining education, recreation and a midday mealĀ  included in one convenient package.

Climb High

This high-adventure program applies your team’s youthful energy to confidence-building team development skills that include learning how to belay individually and in a group and rappelling from heights of up to 35 feet. The program can focus entirely around the high element course or it can be combined with several of our other programs for maximum enjoyment and success.


Designed specifically to improve teamwork where it truly begins, we can create an age-appropriate program that will center focus on the skills needed for maximum cooperation and coordination in your specific sport, using the terminology of each individual sport incorporated. More importantly, our activity debriefings help your players transfer the actual learning back to the field, court or pool.

Bullying Prevention Program

Provided over a longer duration than our typical programs, our Bullying Prevention activities work best when conducted over a period of 3-9 months, with visits at least twice per month. The program combines experiential classroom time with high impact activities that will foster outcomes of how to prevent bullying and positive youth interactions. Our program focuses on not only the students but also the faculty and staff as well as the parents, to make this initiative a complete community activity aimed at providing the maximum amount of support.